History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because of our compassion, dedication and
professionalism in serving our families. 

Our History

Our History

We are a combination of several funeral service families brought together to serve the area. From the beginning of Quinn Funeral Home in 1901, to the gathering of Ortner Funeral Home, Doyle Funeral Home and the formation of Nunn & McGrath Funeral Directors, we have been a part of Utica and the surrounding communities for over 100 years. The addition of Myslinski Funeral Home, founded in 1963, Kowalczyk Funeral Home, founded in 1930, and Surridge & Roberts Funeral Home, founded in 1927, added further expertise and experience to our diverse group of people dedicated to serving our families.

Our Staff

  • Christopher James McGrath

    Christopher James McGrath President - Licensed Funeral Director

  • Deborah Boyle McGrath

    Deborah Boyle McGrath Secretary/Treasurer

  • Patrick Boyle McGrath

    Patrick Boyle McGrath Vice President - Licensed Funeral Director

  • Joseph M. Kowalczyk

    Joseph M. Kowalczyk

    Joseph M. Kowalczyk, a lifetime area resident became licensed in 1966 after graduating from the Simmons School of Mortuary Science in Syracuse. Joe purchased the Drejza Funeral home on Lincoln Ave in Utica in 1962. Joe is involved in the funeral planning process and is an integral part of the licensed funeral staff.

  • Frank  Cagnina Jr. CFSP

    Frank Cagnina Jr. CFSP Licensed Funeral Director

  • Mark Zastrow

    Mark Zastrow Licensed Funeral Director

  • Tina  Szalkowski

    Tina Szalkowski Office Manager

  • Monica  Best

    Monica Best Administrative Assistant

  • Father Joe Salerno

    Father Joe Salerno Spiritual Director / Funeral Associate

  • Pat (Myslinski) Salzer

    Pat (Myslinski) Salzer Bereavement Support Coordinator / Funeral Associate

  • Chris  Flynn

    Chris Flynn Property Manager / Funeral Associate

  • The Late Tom and Barbara  Myslinski

    The Late Tom and Barbara Myslinski Celebrating over 50 years in funeral service

  • The Late Betty Nunn

    The Late Betty Nunn Funeral Associate

  • Sister Maureen  Denn

    Sister Maureen Denn Bereavement Counselor

  • The late H. Ivor Surridge, Jr. and the late H. Ivor Surridge, Sr.

    The late H. Ivor Surridge, Jr. and the late H. Ivor Surridge, Sr.

  • Tom Malone

    Tom Malone Funeral Associate / Bagpiper

  • Steve Heitz

    Steve Heitz Funeral Associate

  • John Mikolajczyk

    John Mikolajczyk Funeral Associate

  • Steve  Sanger

    Steve Sanger Funeral Associate

  • Bob  Zane

    Bob Zane Funeral Associate

  • Jan Kaleta

    Jan Kaleta Funeral Associate

  • Mary  McGuirl

    Mary McGuirl Funeral Associate